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One in seven wild bird species face extinction due to human activity. This statistic is an environmental barometer. The extinction of one species seriously impacts our lives. For example, the extinction of a vulture in India led to a massive rise in rabies cases. Donate 4 Birds aims to conserve wild birds facing extinction and their environments with the Twitter bird, a bird people created that has spread more than any other bird in the world.

Following the website released in 2017 as part of the Donate 4 Birds project, the Sustainable IoT Book, organized by continent, features information about endangered species of birds whose extinction would have a profound impact on our lives. Through using this book our aim is to not only let you find out about the situation of birds in the area which you live, but also to give you the chance to reach out and help these birds, and together help build a better sustainable environment for them.
An NFC tag is embedded on each page. However, with the tags only, considerable NFC interference makes it impossible for the tags to be read in units of pages. We therefore adopted two-stage noise removal technology consisting of a magnetic powder used to boost radio waves and synthetic rubber, a technology normally used in factories and similar settings. This prevents NFC radio wave interference and enables the NFC tags to be read in page units. Holding a mobile device over a page brings up a donation or information page. As a result, you can not only donate easily, but the book contents change in accordance with the donation status.
Features a system that can save birds using Twitter.
1. Frequent Twitter users
Donate money to birds using Twitter's $Cashtag feature. Using a $Cashtag will bring up a contribution button in the tweet that followers can also use to donate.
2. People who quit or get tired of Twitter
Donate your Twitter account to the Donate 4 Birds project for any period of time. Donated accounts will encourage their followers to get involved in or donate to the cause.
The SUSTAINABLE IoT book can be accessed in the following ways. Educational institutions such as libraries and schools should apply by clicking the bottom left button and the book will be supplied free of charge. Others can purchase the book through the Amazon page that comes up when you click the bottom right button.
*The number of books that can be supplied free of charge is limited. Please apply as soon as possible.
*The funds from book sales and donations will be used for CI’s environmental